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2016 Primary Candidate Interviews

Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 10:19 AM.

Candidates Interviewed, in Order of Appearance

  • Nydia Velasquez, 7th Congressional District, Incumbent

  • Arthur Schwartz, 66th Assembly District, Candidate

    • While the incumbent Deborah Glick did not attend, several Board members expressed support for her, discussing her leadership role on women's issues, and her willingness to challenge Speaker Heastie. They indicated she was effective in fighting developers seeking to open the waterfront to development.

    • After discussion, the Board voted to table a vote for Assembly endorsement until after a scheduled debate on Thursday, April 6.

  • Tom Suozzi, 3rd Congressional District, Candidate

  • Carolyn Maloney, 12th Congressional District, Incumbent

  • Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President

    • Though not up for re-election, also discussed supporting Candles for Clemency and her willingness to visit Judith Clark in prison, noting she has been to Bedford Hills prison several times. She endorsed increased hiring for local police. She defended reappointing long-term community board members indicating their experience increased the Community Board's effectiveness. She discussed her support for Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning, but opposition to the Zoning for Quality and Affordability (ZQA), indicating that ZQA enables the creation of buildings out of context with communities.

Members were encouraged to attend fundraisers this weekend for Council Member Laurie Cumbo and the Queens Democratic Club.

Club President Allen Roskoff reported that the Campaign Finance Control Board had reviewed the club's financial records going back to 2005 and found no issues. There was discussion regarding the new requirements for political club PAC's mandating more intense record keeping.

  • Keith Wright, 13th Congressional District, Candidate

  • Jose Serrano, 29th State Senate District, Incumbent

  • Jo Anne Simon, 52nd Assembly District, Incumbent

  • Peter Linder, 12th Congressional District, Candidate

  • Catherine Assante, 36th State Senate District, Candidate

  • Clyde Williams, 13th Congressional District, Candidate

  • Dan Quart, 73rd Assembly District, Incumbent

  • Adriano Espaillat, 13th Congressional District, Candidate

  • Gustavo Rivera, 33rd State Senate District, Incumbent


  • 3rd Congressional District: Tom Suozzi, Unanimous

  • 7th Congressional District: Nydia Velasquez, Unanimous

  • 12th Congressional District: Carolyn Maloney, Unanimous

  • 13th Congressional District: Keith Wright, Unanimous

  • 29th State Senate District: Jose M. Serano, Unanimous

  • 52nd Assembly District: Jo Anne Simon, 80% in favor, 20% abstention

  • 73rd Assembly District: Dan Quart, Unanimous

  • 33rd Senate District: Gustavo Rivera, Unanimous

The meeting was adjourned at 6:15pm