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Our mandate is, in the words of Jim Owles, “to secure basic human rights, dignity and freedom for all gay people" through organizing, lobbying, political action and campaign work. It is a foundation of democracy that all human beings are created equal. Accordingly, we believe that neither the United States nor any individual state may legitimately deny or abridge equality of rights under the law on account of sexual orientation or gender identity; that no just political, corporate, cultural or religious institution may compromise the self-esteem of any individual on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity; that homophobia, transphobia and hatred are unnatural perversions; and that heterosexist paradigms must never limit the freedom of human beings to pursue their hearts’ desires.

We are not beholden to, any politician or candidate for any office. We are associated with the Democratic party. All politicians, especially those seeking office as Democrats, should speak out strongly in favor of the GBLT community, and we can no longer support any candidate who is willing to compromise our rights for political gain. We support a progressive agenda, dedicated to the principles of political and economic democracy and to the achievement of freedom, justice, economic security, and peace for all people everywhere.


Section 1: This organization shall be known as Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club (“JOLDC”). 

ARTICLE II: Membership

Section 1: Any person who accepts in good faith the basic principles of JOLDC may become a member by contributing at $25 a year.

Section 2: The Board of Governors and officers are automatically members.

ARTICLE III: Officers, Board of Directors, Administrative Committee, Standing Committees, Ad Hoc Committees

Section 1: The standing officers of JOLDC shall be a President, two Vice Presidents, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. Additional officers can be appointed at the discretion of existing officers according to the needs of the organization.

Section 2: The officers shall exercise the powers and discharge the duties customary to their offices and shall have such additional authority as may be conferred upon them from time to time by a vote of the officers.

Section 3:

  • There shall be a Board of Governors which shall direct the affairs of the organization.

  • The Board shall consist of: the officers and 100 members of the Board of Governors. New Governors shall be elected by the then-sitting Board. A majority of the board shall consist of members of the LGBTQ community.

  • The immediate past President shall be an ex officio voting member of the Board for a two-year term.

  • No person is eligible to be elected or designated to any position in absence of a vote at a meeting of the Officers or Board of Governors.

Section 4: The Board of Directors shall hold at least six meetings in each calendar year at such times as the Board or officers shall determine. Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the President at her or his discretion and must be called on the petition of five Board members. Written notice of all Board meetings shall be given at least seven days in advance.

Section 5: The Board of Governors shall establish such standing committees as it deems necessary and proper. The Officers shall appoint and remove chairpersons of standing committees and the chairperson of each committee shall appoint the members of each committee after consultation with the President. Membership on all standing committees shall be open to all JOLDC members.

Section 6: The Officers may establish such ad hoc committees as may be necessary from time to time. The Officers shall appoint the chairpersons of such committees and the relevant chairperson shall appoint the members of the ad hoc committees after consultation with the President.

ARTICLE IV: Finances

Section 1: Dues shall be as set by the Board. The dues paid by new members joining after October 1st in any year shall be for the balance of that year in which they joined and for all the next calendar year, otherwise for the calendar year in which paid.

Section 2: The fiscal year for JOLDC shall begin on a calendar year.

Section 3: The organization shall hire outside consultants when necessary to oversee compliance with all governmental election entities to ensure finances and reporting of finances are in compliance.

Section 4: The authority to approve the budget is vested in the Officers.

Section 5: The treasurer shall be sole signatory of checks disbursed with a second authorize signer if the treasure is unavailable. The president will not have check signing authority, 

ARTICLE V: Endorsements and Campaigns

Section 1: The word "candidates" and "campaigns" as used in this Article shall include candidates and campaigns in all primary, special, and general elections for party or public office, or on referenda for which the voters in New York State cast ballots. This Article shall not be construed to require that JOLDC consider an endorsement in each and every such election.

Section 2: Endorsements:

  • Endorsements of statewide, citywide and candidates and referenda shall be made by meeting of the Board of Directors with seven days notice. Endorsement in local races may be determined by a majority vote of the officers when a Board of Directors meeting is not feasible due to time restrictions.

  • A vote can be taken by hand Statewide, Citywide and referendum shall be by secret ballot. A majority of those present my require that a secret ballot take place for any race. A ballot shall contain the names of all candidates and also lines where a vote for "abstain" or for "no endorsement" may be cast. Any candidate or position receiving a plurality of the total vote cast shall be considered the endorsed candidate or position of JOLDC. (Blanks and abstentions shall not be counted as votes cast.)

  • Only candidates who have presented before the JOLDC or directly asked an officer of the club for an endorsement are eligible for endorsement.

Section 3: At a meeting, the call for which contains seven days prior notice of the proposed action, the Board of Directors may, by a two-thirds vote, revoke any endorsement made by the Board of Directors.

Section 4: The Political Action Chair can carry out endorsement activities and expenditures only after discussion with the officers and consent of the president.

ARTICLE VI: Amendments and By-Laws

Section 1:

  • The officers may amend this constitution by a two thirds vote of those present.

  • A motion to table an amendment requires a simple majority of those present.