Alan Fleishman: In Memoriam

Alan and I at the White House Pride Ceremony in 2012.

by Allen Roskoff

President, Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club

New York lost a Gay icon. Alan Fleishman was an important thread in the fabric of New York and a vital strategist within the LGBTQ community. My first sit down with Alan was in 1989 when we had dinner at the Village Den to talk about organizing the Gay community to support Elizabeth Holtzman who was running for New York City Comptroller. We became close friends and remained so for the past 30 years. Alan was amazing. He saw through everyone's bullshit and knew who was doing what and why. We'd ofter talk as early as 7 am to discuss what sleazy pol was in the papers trying to do what, to who and why. He was always incitful and on target.

Alan labored tirelessly for our community and in 2002 became District Leader in Brooklyn and fought the powers to be who used their powers to exploit and prevent reform. He loved being considered the then county leader's "Public Enemy number 1." He'd predict who would be indicted months before they were.

Alan was a loyal friend, was funny, had a great smile, was insightful and was always on top of things.

In the past few years, suffering with cancer, more often then not Alan would say how grateful he was to be alive. Yes, he broke down every so often but did what he could to perservare.

I, like many others who shared their lives with Alan will miss him dearly. The daily text messages, emails of political news and concern for the well being of those who he cared about.

There was only one Alan Fleishman and he was terrific.

Alan was a founding member of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club and served on the board of Governors from 2014 to the present.