Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club
Tuesday, July 23, 2019, 6:30 PM

  1. Naftuli Moster – Executive Director, YAFFED, Young Advocates for Fair Education spoke about YAFFED’s campaign to encourage NYS Department of Education to enforce rules that require religious based schools provide a secular education. He spoke specifically about the several of the Hasidic and Orthodox schools that are not providing a full curriculum and the lack of enforcement of state requirements.
  2. James Vacca – member, Charter Revision Commission – The Commission is considering several recommendations – among them are a NYC government rainy day fund; a floor for the budgets for Borough Presidents and the Public Advocate offices; Corporation Council reform including requiring Council input; and rank voting for City-wide and Borough President and City Council races (seen by some Commission members as a potential method to eliminate run-off and increase minority representative) for up to 5 choices. He encouraged GOTV efforts, given only Charter Revision and Public Advocate race on ballot this November. 
  3. Melissa Sklarz – Melissa was asked to address the club in reference to her having a history of not supporting progressive candidates and openly LGBTQ candidates.  She indicated that her history of building allies for transgender issues influences her decisions for endorsing candidates who yield the most power and overrides her concerns regarding winning races for progressive candidates and also LGBTQ candidates. Melissa maintains that she supported DA candidate Melinda Katz over Queer Latina candidate Tiffany Caban because Melinda is a friends of hers. Melissa also indicated that these kind of endorsements  may change in the future. 
  4. Hawk Newsome – President - Black Lives Matter, New York Chapter – Discussed both the history and current status of the Eric Garner case. He discussed how it is indicative of the lack of priority even progressives have for African American justice issues. He asked club members to attend a Penn Station protest this Friday at 6:30pm. He indicated that the main focus now – and the only way to provide any justice for Eric Garner’s death is to ensure Officer Pantaleo is fired.    
  5. Allen Roskoff - made an appeal for people to contribute $50 for Jumaane Williams’ re-election campaign, with the goals of 10 club members. Allen also indicated that the next club meeting will including meeting Judicial candidates.
  6. Support for current efforts to enforce the requirement that non-public and religious schools provide secular education, including the efforts of YAFFED. (passed by unanimous vote)
  7. Report on Congressional races from Dan Roskoff – Dan discussed 2 Congressional races outside New York City the club may want to be involved with – 1st Congressional District in New York, currently represented by Republican Lee Zeldin, where 3 democrats are running and 2nd Congressional District, currently represented by Peter King, where at least 3 Democrats are also running. Club members will meet the Democratic candidates to see if there is a role for us to play. 
Club adjourned at 9:05pm  



  1. Hon. Eric Adams
  2. George Arzt
  3. Lance Bass
  4. John Blair
  5. Mark Benoit
  6. Hon. Rodneyse Bichotte
  7. Hon. Jonathan Bing
  8. Matthew Bond
  9. Erik Bottcher
  10. Hon. Gale Brewer
  11. Danny Burstein
  12. Robin Byrd
  13. Tiffany Cabán
  14. Christian Campbell
  15. Gus Christensen
  16. Hon. Martin Connor
  17. Tom Connor
  18. Hon. Jon Cooper
  19. Wilson Cruz
  20. Hon. Laurie Cumbo
  21. Alan Cumming
  22. Michael Czaczkes
  23. Hon. Bill de Blasio
  24. Aries Dela Cruz
  25. Jon Del Giorno
  26. Kyan Douglas
  27. James Duff
  28. Hon. Ronnie Eldridge
  29. Hon. Rafael Espinal
  30. Hon. Alan Fleishman
  31. Marc Fliedner
  32. Hon. Dan Garodnick
  33. Dan Gettleman
  34. Jason Goldman
  35. Emily Jane Goodman
  36. Hon. Mark Green
  37. Tony Hoffmann
  38. Hon. Brad Hoylman
  39. Binn Jakupi
  40. Hon. Letitia James
  41. Hon. Corey Johnson
  42. Camille Joseph
  43. Phillip Keane
  44. Suzanne Kessler
  45. Yetta Kurland
  46. Dodge Landesman
  47. Hon. Melissa Mark-Viverito
  48. Phillip McCarthy
  49. Matt McMorrow
  50. Michael Mallon
  51. Mike C. Manning
  52. David Mansur
  53. Cathy Marino-Thomas
  54. Troy Masters
  55. Hon. Carlos Menchaca
  56. Hon. Rosie Mendez
  57. John Cameron Mitchell
  58. Donny Moss
  59. Barry Mullineaux
  60. Denis O'Hare
  61. America Olivo Campbell
  62. Noah Pfefferbilt
  63. Josue Pierre
  64. Bob Pontarelli
  65. Billy Porter
  66. Hon. Keith Powers
  67. Randy Rainbow
  68. Hon. Gustavo Rivera
  69. Hon. Helen Rosenthal
  70. Maer Roshan
  71. Sheila Rule
  72. Toby Russo
  73. Bill Samuels
  74. James Sansum
  75. Scott Sartiano
  76. Hon. Arthur Schwartz
  77. Lynn Schulman
  78. Cecile Scott
  79. Frank Selvaggi
  80. Rev. Al Sharpton
  81. David Siffert
  82. Hon. Jo Anne Simon
  83. Kathy Slawinski
  84. Tom Smith
  85. Anne Strahle
  86. Hon. Scott Stringer
  87. Wayne Sunday
  88. Hon. Bill Thompson
  89. JD Thompson
  90. Bjorn Thorstad
  91. Hon. Matt Titone
  92. Jessica Walter
  93. Barry Weinberg
  94. Seth Weissman
  95. Hon. Jumaane Williams
  96. Emma Wolfe
  97. Hon. Keith Wright
  98. Zephyr Teachout